Arx View, hello

Life is a jurney, let's roll.
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Time is a field and like space it is vastly available for our exploration. What limits us to harvest all possible experiences space-time-field offers is our mean of transportation. It is this bag of meat which IS our spaceship that must obey rules of mass and gravity. It requires continuity and it is what we are, our branch in the tree that seeks for spirits in the roots, leans on others in the trunk to reach the sky and, against all odds, harness gifts of cosmos - ideas on how to make fruits of life.
Normally, we would slide the slopes of time as it takes us, just like a snowball rolling down the hill. But the purpose we are born humans is to change that route and go uphill instead, to climb that mountain, envision the field of possibilities that lies ahead, to choose our path and against all odds spread life. Yes it takes courage, determination… but most of all the joy of playing it all the way.
On top of the hill is a place called Arx. It is a stronghold for those searching for vision, the View over fields of time beyond the mountain of choice.
There is a training on how to climb choices, how to receive visions, how to act upon them and how to liberate from that act. That IS a cycle of creation.